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Projects of the Foundation for A Healing Among Nations

2003-2005 Women's Tour for Peace and Global Understanding.

2002-December 15. Unity and Diversity Peace Sunday, Los Angeles.

2002-The Tibetan Tashi Lhunpo Monastery Monks on Tour for Peace in Sarasota, Florida and Los Angeles.

2002- May. Japan Peace Tour. Heart of Humanity Awards Mt. Fuji, Hiroshima peace prayers.

2002- Day of Prayer for Peace with Pope John Paul II in Assisi, Italy.
Our five woman interfaith delegation particpated with hundreds of religious leaders from around the world in prayer and witness to the covenants for peace on January 24, 2002.

2001- July. International Youth Leaders Peace Forum: Focus Middle East-Switzerland.
In collaboration with Christina-Werk Community, over 70 international youth leaders participated in a seven day peace summit.

2001-June. International Forgiveness week. With over 500 participants from all over the world, Ms. Mansdorf was a keynote speaker powerfully revealing the transformational value of forgiveness against a tapestry of pain and suffering in our war torn world. Choices for peace are made within us moment to moment and day by day. We are the ones to make peace a living reality in our time.

2001-January 1-13. Mid-East Interfaith Peace building Delegation.
Eight interfaith peace leaders of FAHAN and FOR were invited to meet with the Ngo leaders in the occupied territories of Israel. These meetings with both Palestinian leaders and Israeli ngo leaders created the pathway for the development of The World Peace Parliament. Dialogues were continued in Los Angeles with Families Forum lead by Mansdorf and Yitzhak Frankenthal of Tel Aviv, Israel on forgiveness and the issues underlying the Mid- East conflict.

2000-Awakening the Heart of Humanity in Forgiveness and Reconciliation
An international panel presented and facilitated by Bonnie Mansdorf in New York, September 8, 2000 at The State of the World Forum linking the World Peace Summit in which over 2,000 people attended including various worldwide Presidents and Peace Makers.

2000-World Peace Ceremony with the World Peace Prayer Society
Southeastern Nepal Association Summit in Atlanta, July 1-4. We are pleased to have had this opportunity to build and teach the Nepal Congress about pro active measures to creating a culture of peace and moving our nations from that of suffering to one of awakening. An active campaign with Global Youth Connect and the Nepalese government will create a charter and petition for the 1,000 plus participants to address the thousands of young women sold into sexual servitude in S.E. Asia.

2000-Sacred Meetings.
FAHAN facilitated a private meeting between His Holiness, The Dalai Lama and the Hopi Prophecy holders at the end of June 2000. The prophecies state that when the red hat (Tibetan) will come to the West and the stories will be told at the house of Micah (U.N.) then A Healing Among Nations will begin. This historic event paved a new bridge of understanding between the East and the West.

2000-Circle of Nations, Indigenous elders of the Americas.
To further facilitate the bridge of East and West, following on the successful footsteps of the Tibetan Folk life Festival, FAHAN presented a dialogue on forgiveness and reconciliation in Ottawa, Canada. This indeed, was an experience of how education as healing intervention is implemented to heal the wounds of the land and its people.

2000-Case Western Reserve School of Business
Two day training on compassionate listening, forgiveness and the process of peacemaking for graduate professors.

1999-A Healing Among Nations Prayer Retreat and Summit
Over forty of the world's spiritual leaders met November 21-24, 1999 to create a unified vision for healing and reconciliation of their cultures. This unprecedented opportunity for World Leaders of Nations to come together and pray for World Peace restored wholeness through evoking the highest potential of the human spirit to promote healing for inter-cultural and inter-religious needs. In addition, a publication documenting the inter-disciplinary approaches to forgiveness and reconciliation at the cultural and historical level will be made available to the community at large.

1998- Collaboration with The Tibetan National Commemoration and Documentation Center
In Dharamsala, India FAHAN prepared a program to train and facilitate the documenting of up to 500 Tibetan witnesses to the Chinese insurgence. Forgiveness training and education outreach will be integrated with the other cultural learning aids for peacebuilding teaching. Ms. Mansdorf met with the Dalai Lama and governmental officials during this outreach to develop the programs. Funding is still necessary to fulfill this goal and train Tibetan youth in US to be witness and interviewers that can continue a broad based educational distribution to others in this country.

Previous Projects

1995-1998- The Survivors of the Shoah Foundation and BMansdorf & Associates.
Ms. Mansdorf has served as an interviewer for Steven Spielberg's holocaust historical oral history program since 1995. Through a program devised by BMansdorf and The Shoah, other diverse cultures will now be able to participate in the oral history testimony process. Mansdorf established a relationship with the Shoah Foundation and the African American oral history Holdings Project at Fisk University's Race Relations Institute that continues to reveal the history testimony and its inter-racial learning opportunities for both the individual and communities at large. These program applications inspired the creation of The Foundation for A Healing Among Nations.

1998-Families First.
Ms. Mansdorf served on a research team for Tipper Gore's committee. Sharing her expertise at the conference on intergenerational healing and the effects of cultural mental illness.

1997-A Season for NonViolence
In collaboration with the M.K. Ghandi Institute for Nonviolence, Association for Global New Thought, Lafayette & Associates Kingian Nonviolence, The New Detroit Coalition's Youth Nonviolence Training Program. This event was coordinated in Nashville, Los Angeles, New York and more. Through the office of Bmansdorf & Associates, Ms. Mansdorf wrote and delivered the necessary speeches for the Office of the Vice President and Tipper Gore, convened over a hundred young people from various local schools to perform their songs and prayers for world peace in collaboration with Unesco office at the United Nations.

1995-1996-The We Are One, Contact Point
An interactive initiative with Bmansdorf & Associates and acclaimed by the Office of the Vice President (Gore) is a project which brought web based resources through artistic kiosks forward to disseminate information on volunteer and social services to the communities of our nation. This unifying agent for social change, encourages citizen participation, disseminates volunteer opportunities and raises the quality of life at all levels of daily living.

1996-Living Legacy.
A program to videotape the oral histories of our community elders and their lives of service. The first target is for women honorees of the YWCA Woman of the Year Award and to initiate a program that highlights and draws forth the significant work of young women of Nashville.

1993-1994-The Nashville Agenda.
Ms. Mansdorf & several of her associates served on the leadership committee of this six month community wide consensus building plan and developed the innovative and cutting edge original active prototype of social service information kiosks for the leadership technology group and to promote civic participation.


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