women of tsunami

A Healing Among Nations brings economic hope to women of Southeast Asia 2006 & 2008

2004 was a year of devastation and renewal for the women and children of Southeast Asia. Bonnie Mansdorf, Executive Director of The Foundation for A Healing Among Nations, a not for profit organization based in southern California dedicated to creating cultures of peace, and a team of professionals create a plan for recovery leading to business developement in Tsunami and poverty stricken villages of Thailand, India and Sri Lanka.

Now, over one year later over fifty women of the refugee camps have come together to form the Healing Hands Women’s Collective in Matara, Sri Lanka and work begins in the other countries soon. There they come together to sew and join in a community of belonging, healing and bringing hope to one another while making a living at what they love to do best, be creative.

Kumari Kulatunga, the Director of the collective says, ” They still have nothing and would be with nothing in the camps. The men have taken what money the government has given and this collective is saving their lives. You can do so much with so little here. The sale of ten blessing shawls supplies a sewing machine and work for one more woman. We can’t thank you enough.”

FAHAN encourages women to women networks to sell the blessing shawls. Take 10 at a time and have your friends take another 10 and spread the word. These small business plans are the seeds to preventing greater poverty and violence for women around the world. Each is different and woven with their blessings in Singhalese writing in 100% cotton for only $25.00.

FAHAN plans to continue the awareness campaign to support small business growth and invites business women to join them on their next trip to Sri Lanka in 2008 and other countries of S.E. Asia

Financial Contributions

Send your tax-deductible contribution of any amount to Fahan, a 501c3 non-profit organization. Your contribution will support the cost of communicating the AHAN message for the Women’s Tour for Global Understanding.

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