The Foundation
for A Healing Among Nations

The Foundation for A Healing Among Nations, a not for profit organization, is a spiritually based peace fellowship working collaboratively with organizations,leaders and citizens of the world to develop creative solutions which shape and enhance a higher quality of life at the local, national and international level.Our vision is to support multidisciplinary methods which foster the power of love, evoking the highest potential of individuals which may develop socially responsible and compassionate human beings.

Peace manifests one by one. Combining spiritual practice and social action creates a deep inner conversion which can best stimulate conscious acts of service on behalf of humanity and our earth.

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Los Angeles Leaders to Attend Innovative Retreat on Poverty Issues

Los Angeles, CA – With the current stock market plunges, job losses, collapse of individual assets and faltering of the global economy, many citizens are contracting in fear. These are uncertain times; they are also times of great hope. Exploring crisis as an opportunity and creating new experiences of possibility and leadership will be the focus of an exciting retreat this spring.

Our Mission

Our mission is to generate healing among individuals, communities and nations; one by one creating an interior and exterior experience of peace. FAHAN works to create a world that is based on ‘cultures of peace’, which is an ongoing committment to transcend ignorance through the practice and realization of love.

FAHAN achieves it’s mission through collaborative community outreach, advocacy, transformational training and media programs in the fields of preventative diplomacy; joining with leaders and citizen volunteers of the world to shape public opinion and build civil societies that compassionately invoke singular responsibility for oneself and others.

Together we must dedicate ourselves to respect, protect and sustain our earth’s diverse life and beauty.

Our Programs

Although there has been great change over the last fifty years, a recent study showed that 30% of high school students said they would participate in racial incidents, and 17% said they would silently support them. The NICEL (The National Institute for Citizen Education in the Law) has slayed the ground work for a National Human Rights education initiative, which was timed to coincide with the fiftieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at the United Nations.